How do you expect the soaring inflation to affect your cost base heading into 2023?

Our experience shows a clear distinction between managed and unmanaged suppliers where the effect, while being proactively curbed with managed suppliers, tend to hit with full force on any segments of spend that is unmanaged.

The worrisome consequence is that organizations face an inflationary cost increase of up to 10% (and sometimes more) on a very significant proportion of their cost base in 2023. Depending on procurement maturity and industry anything from 20-50% of the cost base is unmanaged, this is the spot where the inflation is going to hit the hardest.

As a procurement professional you have two options: Do nothing or Do something. If you opt to Do nothing you can expect a 10% cost increase on up to 50% of your spend base, a situation that will severely impact your company’s competitiveness in the market. If you opt to Do something you need to deploy a highly efficient approach which enables you to curb inflation with minimal efforts.

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