October 11, 2022
The machinery is in full swing!

The machinery is in full swing!

On November 1st we are launching our new DigiProc platform. Are you concerned about price increases heading into 2023? Do you need to add additional savings to your 2023 sourcing plan? Are you concerned that you have gaps in your sustainability policy coverage in the supplier tail? Then you should read below

Some features on the new DigiProc platform:

✔️ Suggested negotiation-scopes. The platform will continuously suggest negotiation-scopes for you and make you aware of the suppliers with too high margins. You will never have un-negotiated tail-suppliers again.

✔️ Inflation management. Inflation is soaring and you will bear the full impact of this in any unmanaged supplier segments. DigiProc will make sure you minimize price increases 2023.

✔️ New colleague. Not really a new colleague, but the DigiProc platform is the number one support for the Procurement team when it comes to savings and compliance.