We believe in digitalizing procurement, changing standards and sustainable negotiations

Our Goal

The world and how we navigate in it is digitalizing at a mind-blowing pace. Although somewhat of a laggard at start, procurement is today no exception to this rule. At DigiProc we believe in the power of procurement and the role digitalization can play in increasing its value contribution and efficiency.

We are providing a platform that will change procurement as we know it today. Our mission is to deliver a tool that helps the procurement function and its professionals to go broader and deeper into their supply chains than have ever been feasible before. With digital negotiations there is no longer any excuse as to why suppliers should be un-managed, the era of the supplier-tail is coming to an end.

DigiProc enables a competitive and sustainable supply chain. Everywhere.

We believe in digitalizing procurement, changing standards and sustainable negotiatons”
Carl-Johan Ernstsson
The team

What really embodies DigiProc are the individuals behind it. Even though we operate in different fields and have a wide array of competence and expertise, we work as one. The sum of everyone’s thoughts and ideas is what took us to where we are today.

To make sure that we deliver a product of utmost quality and value our team consists of individuals working through different departments such as sales & marketing, product & tech and project management. We believe that with agile methods and working closely together, we can make sure that we optimize the value for our customers.

Carl-Johan Ernstsson
Co Founder
Henrik Eckerby
Co Founder
Jimmy Anagrius
Chief Product & Tech Officer
Oscar Kerstis
Chief Operating Officer
Margareta Radzka
Junior Project Manager
Lars Bruns
Josefine Abrahamsson
Project Administrator
Alexander Fräki
UX Lead
Ninos Malki
Mattias Ekendahl
Aleksandra Budziszewska
Project Manager at Codequest
Klaudia Mrozik
Developer at Codequest
Paweł Sowa
Developer at Codequest
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